Meet Carter Spence – Main Character in “Desert Son”

Published January 10, 2014 by glennmaynard

Carter Spence is an ordinary guy just out of college and living at home with his parents. He is an accountant working with his father at the accounting firm his father owns. He is an only child, and economic reasons keep him in the nest until he is financially ready to venture out into the world. One day his world turns upside down when a Sunday trip with his parents turns fatal. His parents are dead at the scene of the accident, and Carter finds himself out of his body and looking down at the accident. He learns then that his parents may not be his biological parents, and his new mission is to question everything he ever knew to find out his true identity. He cannot ask his parents now that they’re dead. He needs to get the hell out of that house that he once called home, and search for answers. He wants his old life back, but realizes that will never happen, and his entire existence was a series of lies and deceit. He almost blows off his parents funeral, but understands that they did raise him, and he should respect them for that. He could have been misinformed about his identity and it could all be one big misunderstanding. The agony is enough to drive him away. He goes far away, heading west for days on end. He is confused, pissed off, and sad about losing the security of his own identity. If there had been no accident, he would have nothing to question, and could have lived out his lie for the rest of his life. That wasn’t the case, so Carter must face this dilemna head on, and heads west on a journey that will alter his identity and his life in ways that he could never have imagined. He is taken on a horrific path, and the details are revealed in “Desert Son.” (available February 13th, 2014 on Amazon and other online retailers)


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