Desert Son wins Cover Wars Book of the Week!

Published December 6, 2015 by glennmaynard

Desert Son cover

After a hard fought battle, Desert Son came up victorious in the Cover Wars Book of the Week contest. I’d like to thank the Academy, as well as all of my supporters who voted for my book on Facebook and shared the posts. This cover was produced by David King, who is cover design director for my publisher, Black Rose Writing. He is currently working on the book cover for my sequel, Wayward Soul, which will be released on January 7, 2016. This week I will be finishing up the third book in this Desert Son trilogy.

The great part of this contest was the reach this book got in the process. The attention this book received in my attempt to get votes was phenomenal, and all I was really doing was entering a competition. However, when I noticed second place crawling closer to me, I flew into a panic and took to FB, email, even phones, and ended up with what became an insurmountable lead. It was fun, productive, and I think I need a nap now that the pressure is off.

Here is my book listed as Book of the week:

Cover Wars



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