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Upcoming Summer Presentations

Published June 18, 2016 by glennmaynard

This coming Monday is the first day of summer, and my upcoming speaking engagements are fast approaching. Looking forwarding to a nice crowd in Enfield in about ten days, and then Derby and Avon in July. Here is a list of my…

Upcoming Events:

June 28, 2016 
– Enfield Public Library – Speaking and booksigning.

July 18, 2016 – Derby Public Library –  6:30 PM – Travel Show – Speaking and booksigning.

July 26, 2016  Avon Free Public Library – Speaking and booksigning.  Here are the four other authors presenting that night: 

Denis Horgan, West Hartford
Timothy Kenny, Coventry

Laura Noe, Branford
Bob Wyss, Mansfield


Déjà Vu and Been There Too

Published June 8, 2016 by glennmaynard

“Déjà Vu” is a common intuitive experience that has happened to many of us. This is a French term meaning “already seen.” This feeling of strangeness and familiarity sparks our memory of a place we’ve been, a person we’ve seen, or an act we’ve done. Some believe we can receive a lesson or complete unfinished business as a result of this phenomenon.

Déjà vu experiences have been linked to medical conditions, such as schizophrenia, epilepsy, and anxiety, but psychologists have also come up with theories such as stress and internal hidden conflicts. Others associate it with psychic abilities, prophecy, or past-life experiences.

Two people may share a deep experience in a former earth-life and have a sense of knowing each other, although they’ve never knowingly met. This new incarnation is believed to be the linking of past connections that are still active.

It was this fascinating subject that became my spark behind the Desert Son paranormal romance trilogy. Carter Spence had Déjà Vu the moment he met Brenda in a chance encounter at a gas station. They run into each other, literally, and become inseparable once the spilled coffee has been mopped up. Carter knows there’s a little something extra going on with this girl, but it’s Brenda who knows all about this subject.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you know that eerie feeling? Check my website for samples from my first two books of the Desert Son trilogy, and I’ll be working on getting that third book published.